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Guo Fuci, PhD

Guo Fuci, PhD
Canadian-Bio System
Global Sales & Marketing for Aqua & Pet
/ Guo Fuci, PhD

Dr. Guo is an accomplished aquaculturist and parasitologist with expertise in fish health, drug discovery, and aqua farm care solutions. He received his Bachelor of Marine Aquaculture in China, a Masters of Science in Singapore, and a Ph.D. on Fish Health in Canada. His career started as a technical manager at Roche Aquaculture Centre, where he worked to develop stabilized vitamin C and carotenoids for shrimp and fish. He later joined Bayer and specialized in water treatment and aqua farm care solutions.

Dr. Guo furthered his PhD study in fish parasitology in Canada, and upon graduation joined Novartis where he established and operated a high through-put drug screening and discovery lab for sea lice as well as generated several lead molecules for further development. With a focus on commercial success, in 2011, he returned to Asia and worked in various global companies that specialize in organic minerals, toxin removal, yeast products, enzymes, vitamins and astaxanthin, antioxidants, as well as algae omega-3 DHA and EPA.

Previously, he worked for Royal Agrifirm Group as the Aquaculture Global Category Manager, where he developed solutions for shrimp diseases such as EMS/AHPND, EHP, and WSV. In this role, he traveled extensively in Asia, particularly China.

He is currently working with Canadian Bio-Systems as Global Sales & Marketing Manager for Aqua & Pet.