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Plenary: Opening and Inspiration

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This year, we begin the Global Shrimp Forum with a plenary opening session. During this session, we will have representatives of some of the largest feed companies, producers, and buyers on stage, who will share their vision about the state of the industry. We hope you leave the room energised and inspired, and we hope you join us for a drink, something to eat, and a good chat with old and new friends after the session.
Melanie Siggs
/ Melanie Siggs

Melanie Siggs has worked internationally in strategic roles for both commercial and NGO organisations across the food and timber sectors. She has specialised in fisheries and aquaculture over the past 14 years. She is a consultant to the Global Seafood Alliance, Vice President of The Centre for Responsible Seafood and an Advisor to the World Economic Forum’s Ocean Program ‘Friends of Ocean Action’. Melanie is a former Special Adviser to HRH The Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit. Melanie is a frequent speaker on sustainable seafood and a regular facilitator for UN FAO, The High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy, OECD, World Economic Forum, and The Economist.

She is an Honorary Professor of the Heriot Watt University and holds an MSc in Responsibility & Business Practice (Bath).

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An interview with the Chair of the Global Shrimp Forum Foundation

Interviewee: Chris Ninnes, Chairman, Global Shrimp Forum Foundation

Effectively Promoting Global Shrimp Consumption

The Global Shrimp Forum Foundation issued a study, to look into the best way of promoting shrimp consumption globally. How can we increase the size of the pie, instead of competing for pieces of it amongst each other? Is there one narrative that all producers can use to create a common voice for global shrimp consumption? During this presentation, our strategic marketing consultant will present his initial findings and highlight the questions he hopes to answer during the event.

Speaker: Arnd Jan Gulmans, Independent Marketing and Branding Consultant, AJ Gulmans

Industry Leadership Panel


Guillaume Smeets, Strategic Marketing & Technology Director for Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health, Cargill Aqua Nutrition

Novel Sharma, Analyst – Seafood, Rabobank

Rajagopal Choudary Chitturi, Chairman, Devi Fisheries

Sandro Coglitore Castillo, General Manager, Omarsa

Closing remarks and welcome reception
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