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Rajagopal Choudary Chitturi

Rajagopal Choudary Chitturi
Devi Fisheries
/ Rajagopal Choudary Chitturi

Rajagopal Choudary Chitturi is the Chairman of Devi Fisheries Limited, India. Devi Fisheries is a vertically integrated company with operations in shrimp hatchery, farming, feed, processing and export. Devi Fisheries is recognised as one of the largest exporters in Asia, catering to the needs of retail and foodservice customers across the globe. In the company, Rajagopal is actively involved in procurement and aquaculture functions, where he communicates directly with the farmers, exchanging knowledge.

He is also the Chairman of the Aquaculture Committee of the Seafood Exporters Association of India.

With over 30 years of experience in the shrimp industry, his intimate knowledge and enduring relationships with the farming community has contributed to the development of sustainable aquaculture over the years.