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Maxime Engler

Maxime Engler
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Shrimp and Shellfish Procurement
/ Maxime Engler

Maxime Engler started his career in the seafood industry in 2018. For 4 years, he worked as grow-out Production Manager at an organic P. monodon shrimp farm located in the North of Madagascar (OSO). After this experience in aquaculture, he joined Prosol at Shrimp and Shellfish Procurement.

Prosol market fruit and vegetables, seafood, and dairy products in Grand Frais and Fresh stores, online with mon-marché.fr, and in Italy with Banco Fresco. Their concept is close to the traditional french "halles". The freshness and taste of the products is the company's priority. We create strong partnership with suppliers which can suit to the quality, taste, environmental and social standards of Prosol Group.