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David Castro

David Castro
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/ David Castro

Driven by the magnetism of the sea, Jose David Castro has stablished his life as business and family man along the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. As owner of four companies linked to the shrimp marketing and processing industries, David has recognized brands in Europe, Asia, and the United States with a total whole sale of 6,000 tons per year. His business is developed by believing in prioritizing quality, service and respect to the clients and suppliers, always considering that natural resources should be managed for future generations. His scientific background as Biochemical Engineer with emphasis on marine resources and building his 20-year-old company Mantabay has given him ample experience in all market and seafood processing areas — from logistics, through plant processing, quality control, and intercultural business development, to intercontinental branding. Moved by his interest in developing the consumption and industry hand-to-hand to legal and fair trade, he has been president for Consejo Mexicano de Promoción al Pescado y Marisco Mexicano 2014-2018, and currently chairman and co-founder of the Mexican Shrimp Council.