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Suzan Shahrestani, PhD

Suzan Shahrestani, PhD
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/ Suzan Shahrestani, PhD

Minnowtech's approach is to harness the same technology that dolphins use to track fish beneath the waves. Minnowtech's innovative sonar systems are deployed globally, offering aquafarmers an unparalleled tool for precision aquaculture. With Minnowtech's integrated sensor-based solutions, aquafarmers can now accurately gauge shrimp biomass and count. Minnowtech's technology promotes efficiency, and maximization of cultivation efforts while minimizing environmental impact. Minnowtech is based in Baltimore, MD, USA, and founded in 2018 through the collaboration of Dr. Suzan Shahrestani and Early Charm. Dr. Shahrestani, with a PhD in Fisheries Science, leads the company with expertise in image analysis, spatial statistics, and population dynamics to revolutionize the noninvasive assessment of aquatic organisms.