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Ravikumar Yellanki

Ravikumar Yellanki
Managing Director
/ Ravikumar Yellanki

Ravi Kumar Yellanki is the Managing Director of Vaisakhi Bio-Marine Private Limited and Vaisakhi Bio-Resources Private Limited, one of the leading shrimp hatchery operators in India and operates one of the largest farms in the country. The company is also making its foray in to shrimp exports. For more than 20 years, Mr.Ravi Kumar Yellanki has been familiar with hatchery operations in India. Remarkably through his numerous written papers and publications, he shared his experiences and knowledge concerning shrimp hatchery sphere such as the management and its role in changing environment. His expertise in terms of local market trends and opportunities is unquestionable. Today, he concentrates his awareness on building sustainable strategies for Indian Shrimp Aquaculture. He also happens to be the President of All India Shrimp Hatchery Association (AISHA) and immediate past president of Society of Aquaculture Professionals (SAP).