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Pablo Resnik

Pablo Resnik
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Vice President of Business Development
/ Pablo Resnik

Pablo is a seasoned leader in the global seafood market. He is a top executive of Roda International, an early entrepreneur, and a tech evangelist. He is the driving force behind initiatives such as VannameiTips, FishtechAwards, Tilapiamarket, and ChinaTips. He is well known and respected globally.

  • In China, he has been cultivating business relationships with various seafood market stakeholders for many years, including the government, customs, importers, wholesalers, and both physical and online retailers.
  • Across Europe, Pablo is not just selling shrimp; he is a partner enabling clients to significantly increase their sales and revenue in the shrimp sector. His work involves a diverse clientele, including supermarkets, importers, and wholesalers.
  • In Ecuador, he is often found negotiating with farmers or brainstorming new initiatives.
  • In India, he has successfully introduced several technologies over the past few years.
  • He operates one of the largest distribution networks in the Canary Islands, Spain.

His dedication and passion have allowed him to build a strong and qualitative network within the seafood industry.