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Jessica Rivera Rodriguez

Jessica Rivera Rodriguez
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Sales Director
/ Jessica Rivera Rodriguez

Jessica Rivera Rodriguez is Sales Director at MER Seafood. She grew up in Honduras, watching and learning from her father as he built and innovated Rivera Marina shrimp farms since 1996. Living abroad has given her a perspective on different cultures, environments and world changes.

She is proud to be part of Rivera Marina farms and to have helped create MER Seafood. MER Seafood's focus of the last decade has been to build strong relationships with their business partners to reach a wider range of markets. She shares the vision of a family-owned business and how this business can manage sustainable shrimp farming while raising environmental awareness and having a positive impact on the community. In their efforts to improve animal welfare, MER Seafood have partnered with Shrimp Welfare Project to upgrade their shrimp harvest methods. As a result, MER Seafood now utilize such innovative, humane technologies as Optimar’s Shrimp Stunner.