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Glen Illing

Glen Illing
Aqua Woo
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
/ Glen Illing

Glen illing is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for improving performance of aquaculture and agricultural food production in a sustainable and ecologically responsible manner to increase the availability of nutritious food, strengthen global food security, provide real traceability, and support aquaculture and agriculture communities and ecosystems Over 25 years management experience in strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, greenfield start-ups and franchising operations, leading multinational and geographically dispersed teams, developing and implementing global strategies across Asia, Central Europe, South America, USA and Europe. Glen has managed companies through growth, market downturns, disease challenges, and strong competition by restructuring and innovatively developing solutions to revitalize organisations. He is Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of AquaWoo, a Seafood Venture Building Company focused on building a truly sustainable seafood supply chain via acquisitions, mergers and strategic alliances; a Senior Partner in the Singaporean based Private Equity and Advisory company JBI Innovations; Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Vivotro Laboratories liberating University intellectual property from Wageningen University; Founder, investor and former CEO of Roslin Technologies focused on cell lines for the Cultured meat industry; Investor and former CEO of shrimp biotechnology company Enzootic focused on all-female production of freshwater prawns, restructuring the business and  developing the ‘Queen Prawn’ product; Founder and former CEO of vannamei Shrimp biotechnology company SyAqua; Investor and Non Exec Director of Alternative Protein Insect Company, Protenga and investor into insect bio-fuel company Bugera; and finally Founder and investor in livestock gender skew company Cody Genetics.