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Gaëtan Crielaard

Gaetan Crielaard
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Co-Founder & CEO
/ Gaëtan Crielaard

Founded in 2012, Entobel is a global leader in the sustainable production of high-quality, functional insect-based ingredients for animal feed and plant nutrition. Entobel has two industrial-scale black soldier fly production facilities in operations and is headquartered in Singapore.

In November 2023, Entobel commissioned the world’s most CapEx-efficient black soldier fly production facility located in Vung Tau, Vietnam. This state-of-the-art factory is one of the largest insect protein production sites globally, and the largest in Asia, with an estimated annual production capacity of 10,000 metric tons of insect protein.

Entobel has proven that it is possible and profitable to meet the growing global demand for sustainable, high-quality, functional insect-based feed ingredients that improve the sustainability and resiliency of the global food supply chain.

Following the successful commissioning of its blueprint production facility and having de-risked the technological, operational and commercial aspects of the business model, Entobel is embarking on its strategic plan for regional expansion including continued expansion in Vietnam and is preparing to build new facilities in markets including Indonesia and Malaysia.

Gaetan is a native of Belgium and graduated as Business Engineer from the Solvay Business School.