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GSFF Report on Promoting Shrimp Consumption

In April 2023, the Global Shrimp Forum announced that surplus funds from its inaugural event would be used to commission a study, which would provide research and better understanding of how to effectively promote the consumption of shrimp.

The report was written by Arnd Jan Gulmans, an Independent Marketing and Brand Consultant, who has spent the past six months conducting interviews with experts and leaders from across the industry to form his research. Arnd Jan first discussed his findings at the 2023 Global Shrimp Forum and also spoke to many GSF attendees, which further contributed to the study. 

The report sets to empower the shrimp industry to define its narrative, understand the long-term benefits of effective shrimp promotion, and to share insight into the strong hand of cards that the industry holds.

Download the FREE report below:

Arnd Jan Gulmans is an independent marketing and branding consultant with an extensive track record in advertising strategy and marketing consultancy. He specialises in helping organisations to create a narrative that clarifies their future direction and to make it come to life through powerful communication.

GSF report