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Utrecht city tour

Utrecht Skyline
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How nice that you are considering joining the Utrecht City Tour! We would like to emphasize that this tour is not only open to delegates, but also to their partners who may not be attending the conference. It is a great opportunity for everyone to experience the beauty of Utrecht!

The Tour will start at 11AM. A bus will pick you and / or your partner up at the Van der Valk hotel. You will be brought to the beating heart of the City Center, where your Tour Guide will wait for you. The tour provides a fun and educational walking tour of the old city of Utrecht. If there will be more than 20 participants, there will be a second Tour Guide. So there will never be more than 20 persons in one and the same group.

Along the way, you will have the option to choose from a short Dutch lunch with four options:
1. Vegetarian—ciabatta bread with Mozzarella cheese, pesto and basil
2. Vegan—pasta salad with bread
3. Meat—ciabatta bread with smoked chicken, guacamole and olive mayonnaise
4. Fish—ciabatta bread with mackerel salad

A small bottle of water will be provided, you will have the choice between still or sparkling water. You will have lunch the Dutch way, which is short—Dutch are not known for long lunches. If the weather is nice, it will be somewhere along the canals, if the weather is rainy, you can shelter in the historic library building. After lunch, the Tour will continue, to make sure that you have seen all the highlights of the enchanting city of Utrecht.

The Tour will conclude around 3 pm, at that time you will be returned to the hotel to freshen up before the plenary opening and welcome reception will take place.

We kindly request that you let us know before 15th of August if you are interested in participating in the city tour, by filling in the registration form. Please note that there will be a fee of € 50,-, Dutch VAT included, to cover the cost of the tour, which can be paid in cash at the start of the tour - credit card payments will not be accepted.

We hope that this opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Utrecht will provide a fun and engaging activity for everyone interested in local architecture, food, and culture.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.