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Legal and Regulatory Challenges

Taprobane Seafood Group
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Legal and regulatory challenges create barriers to trade between major shrimp producers and their buyers overseas. At the same time laws and regulations can help to drive the industry to more fairer, more sustainable and more responsible practices. Changes in the regulatory landscape and the ability of governments and industries to comply can suddenly make trade flows shift. In this seminar we will provide you with an overview, update and outlook of some of the most pressing legal and regulatory challenges that shrimp buyers and their suppliers are confronted with or can expect to rise in the future. After this seminar you will better understand the current regulatory landscape and what to expect in the future.
Guus Pastoor
Chairperson / Guus Pastoor

Guus Pastoor is chairman of the board of AIPCE, the European Federation of Fish Processors and Importers. AIPCE is a membership organisation that connects the fish processing companies, fish importers and wholesalers around Europe. The EU processing sector generates an estimated output value of 29 billion euro, providing for more than 120.000 direct jobs in some 3500 companies. Guus has been chairing AIPCE for a number of years, and has over 25 years of experience in the fish sector. AIPCE aimes at providing information to the companies and building common business driven positions for advice to the EU institutions and for dialogue with a broad variety of stakeholders. Key areas of work are market supply, food safety, international trade and sustainability.

He is member of the board of several organisations and chairman of the Market Advisory Council, the General Assembly of the North Sea Advisory Council. At the national level he chairs the Dutch Fish Federation (Visfederatie), the representative membership organisation for fish processors and traders in the Netherlands. He also chairs the Inter-branch Organisation for Brown Shrimp Fisheries, and is vice-chair of the Dutch Fish Marketing Board. Born in Rotterdam, he graduated at Rotterdam’s Erasmus University with a degree in business and fiscal economics. Prior to his work in the fish sector, he worked as a manager and business consultant in the dairy industry for several years. He also worked as a business consultant in the logistic sector, and started his career in the field of education.

Program /
Opening / Guus Pastoor
An update of trade related food safety issues for supplying shrimp to the EU market

Speaker: Sylvie Coulon, DG Sante, EU Commission

SIMP and other challenges for supplying shrimp to the US market

Speaker: Rachel Confair, Trade Monitoring Branch Chief, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries

COVID-19 related challenges of supplying shrimp to the Chinese market

Speaker: Pablo Resnik, Vice President of Business Development, Roda International

Panel discussion: Producer perspectives


Sylvie Coulon, DG Sante, EU Commission

Rachel Confair, Trade Monitoring Branch Chief, NOAA Fisheries

Joy LaingGlobal Director – Supply Chain Management, DNV

Pablo Resnik, Vice President of Business Development, Roda International

Moderated by: Guus Pastoor

Coffee Break
The implications of the upcoming EU due diligence regulations

Speaker: Johan Hulleman, CIO, Impact Buying

A plea to the industry to stop shipping added water

Speaker: Olivier Hottlet, Co-Owner, Hottlet Frozen Foods N.V.

The impact of Brexit on the UK shrimp landscape

Speaker: Ivan Bartolo, Advisor, Seafish

Panel Discussion:


Olivier Hottlet, Co-Owner, Hottlet Frozen Foods N.V.

Ivan Bartolo, Advisor, Seafish

Johan Hulleman, CIO, Impact Buying

William Rash, Managing Director, The Big Prawn Company

Moderated by: Guus Pastoor

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