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Feed and Genetics

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Due to scarcity, shrimp feed manufacturers around the world are confronted with rapidly rising costs of feed ingredients. These costs and the scarcity of raw materials forces feed manufacturers to change feed formulation and/or to increase the price of their products. At the same time, the rising cost of conventional feed ingredients may accelerate the adoption of novel feed ingredients which could be a benefit for the sustainability of farmed shrimp. In this seminar you will learn about short and long term trends in shrimp feed formulation and feed management. We will also look into the developments in shrimp genetics, which may also have a positive impact on the efficiency and risks of shrimp farming operations worldwide.
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The state of the world commodity markets and the implications for shrimp feed

The global commodity market is turbulent due to rising costs of feed ingredients such as grain, maize, wheat and soy but als fishmeal and fish oil. With feed being responsible for at least 50% of the production cost of an average shrimp farmer, global commodity prices have great implications for the formulation of shrimp feed and for the cost of feed sold to the farmer. What are the most recent developments and what is the outlook for the short and mid-term future in terms of the prices of the main shrimp feed ingredients?

Speaker: Carlos Mera, Executive Director Agri-Commodities Markets Research, Rabobank

Trends in shrimp feed formulation and feed management, and the implications for shrimp production dynamics

Feed ingredient prices and availability, and diversification of shrimp farming systems means that shrimp feed formulation is continuously changing. Simultaneously shrimp farmers increasingly adapt software and hardware that helps them to optimise their feed management. What are the main trends in terms of shrimp feed formulation and feed management and what does this mean for shrimp production dynamics?

Speaker: Alex Obach, R&D Director, Skretting

Panel discussion: feed formulation, feed management and its impact on production dynamics


Alex Obach, Innovation Director, Skretting

Chen Yuchi, Director, Evergreen Conglomerate

Raul Fernando Garcia Abad, Commercial Director, Inve Aquaculture

Victor Suresh, Technical Director, Growel Feeds Private Limited

Petter M. Johannessen, Director General, IFFO The Marine Ingredients Organisation

Moderated by: Ronnie Tan

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How tailored genetics will contribute to more efficient production and less volatility in the marketplace

In animal husbandry, genetics are at the start of everything. While previously focussing mainly on balancing growth and disease resistance, companies are now using advanced technologies to produce specific lines suited for specific production systems. This results in highly disease resistant lines for production systems that lack bio-security, and fast growth lines for production systems that are highly biosecure. Also, while previously focusing on resistance or tolerance to specific diseases, breeding companies now tend to focus also on overall robustness. How will genetics influence shrimp production volatility and the risks of disease outbreaks?

Speaker: Robbert Blonk, Director R&D, Hendrix Genetics

The transition to including novel feed ingredients and what it means for the sustainability of the industry

Novel ingredient producers such as algae oil, insect meal and single cell protein aim to replace conventional ingredients such as fishmeal and oil which are increasingly scarce and criticised for their impact on the environment. While the costs of conventional ingredients are rising, some of the novel ingredient producers are yet to reach scale and prices might come down making these ingredients sooner price competitive than we had expected until recently. With commodity prices rapidly rising, will the transition to novel feed ingredients accelerate and what remain the barriers to acceptance?

Speaker: Kevin Fitzsimmons, Co-Founder, 3F

Panel discussion: Novel feed ingredients


Karim Kurmaly, CEO, Veramaris

Clement Ray, CEO, Innovafeed

Alan Shaw, CEO, Calysta

Henrik Aarestrup, VP Latam, Shrimp and Hatchery, Biomar Group

Kevin Fitzsimmons, Co-Founder, 3F

Ben Weis, Aquaculture Manager, Tesco

Moderated by: Ronnie Tan