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Suyash Singh

Suyash Singh
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Co-Founder & CEO
/ Suyash Singh

Suyash Singh is the co-founder and CEO at GalaxEye Space, a space technology company building the world's first multi-sensor Earth-imaging satellites. Suyash has a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Suyash was previously the founder of Team Avishkar Hyperloop, the team that built India's first-ever self-propelled hyperloop pod prototype. At Team Avishkar Hyperloop, Suyash spearheaded the team to become the only Asian finalist and one among the top 21 out of 2500 global applicants at the SpaceX competition. Suyash holds 6+ years of Industry experience in Deep Learning & Big Data Analytics. He has also been invited to speak at various top forums, including TEDx, and was named among the top 50 rising stars recognized by Geospatial World.