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Plenary Opening and Inspiration

The opening plenary session at GSF 2023
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Besides some formalities, this year's Global Shrimp Forum aims to inspire you about how the shrimp industry can continue to grow while providing a healthy and sustainable protein for the growing world population.

We are very proud to have Carlos Díaz, the CEO of BioMar, present his views on how shrimp fits into the Blue Foods agenda and inspire us with his opinions about what shrimp can learn from salmon to become one of the sustainable proteins of the future. Carlos Diaz will be joined by Mr. My Thanh, the Chairman of Rynan Aquaculture, an innovative shrimp farming company from Vietnam, to discuss the future of shrimp in more detail.

We will then turn to the Global Shrimp Council (GSC) co-chairs. In early 2024, the Global Shrimp Council elected its first 15-person board with, besides the two founders, representatives from eleven of the world's largest shrimp producers and two importers from the US and Europe. The co-chairs will provide a quick update on the latest developments the Global Shrimp Council is going through and what to expect in the months ahead.

To finish the session and leave you inspired, we invited Jitske Kramer, one of the most well-known speakers in the Netherlands. Jitske will show us how vital proper decision-making processes are when establishing an organization and dealing with many different cultures and standings within the Global Shrimp Industry. She will speak about the concepts of deep democracy and liminality and inspire us about how to work together for a better future for the shrimp industry.
Melanie Siggs
/ Melanie Siggs

Melanie Siggs has worked internationally in strategic roles for both commercial and NGO organisations across the food and timber sectors. She has specialised in fisheries and aquaculture over the past 14 years. She is a consultant to the Global Seafood Alliance, Vice President of The Centre for Responsible Seafood and an Advisor to the World Economic Forum’s Ocean Program ‘Friends of Ocean Action’. Melanie is a former Special Adviser to HRH The Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit. Melanie is a frequent speaker on sustainable seafood and a regular facilitator for UN FAO, The High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy, OECD, World Economic Forum, and The Economist.

She is an Honorary Professor of the Heriot Watt University and holds an MSc in Responsibility & Business Practice (Bath).

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Global Shrimp Forum 2024

In this brief interview, Chris Ninnes and Willem van der Pijl will present the latest developments within the Global Shrimp Forum Foundation, reflect on this year's conference program, and at the industry's current state. 


Chris Ninnes, Chairman, Global Shrimp Forum Foundation

Willem van der Pijl, Board Member and Managing Director, Global Shrimp Forum Foundation

Blue Foods and Pink Meets Orange

In this presentation, Carlos Díaz, the CEO of BioMar, will provide us with a view on how shrimp fits into the blue foods agenda. He will also share his perspective on what shrimp can learn from salmon (on how pink may meet orange). 

Presented by Carlos Díaz, CEO, BioMar

Future Proof Shrimp Farming

In this session, Carlos Díaz will be joined by My Thanh Nguyen (PhD), Chairman of Vietnam's Rynan Technologies. Rynan Technologies is one of those shrimp farms that are doing things differently to make shrimp farming more future-proof. We will watch a brief video of Rynan's farms and technology and then engage in a brief discussion about the future of the industry.  


Carlos Díaz, CEO, BioMar

My Thanh Nguyen (PhD), Chairman, Rynan Technologies

The Global Shrimp Council

This is a brief update about the Global Shrimp Council's current status, its board, some of its first directional decisions, and its next steps. We will also ask them how the broader industry can support them. 


Gabriel Luna, Co-Chair, Global Shrimp Council

David Castro, Co-Chair, Global Shrimp Council

Keynote: Leadership and Building Partnerships

Jitske Kramer is a corporate anthropologist who travels worldwide to learn from traditional healers, leaders, surprising innovators, and random passers-by. She is known for being the bestselling author of Tricky Times, Deep Democracy, Jam Cultures, Work has left the Building and The Corporate Tribe. She brings worldly knowledge and experiences back to the world of organizing, cooperation, and leadership through challenging keynotes and masterclasses. To improve the strength and results of individuals and groups (and to make the world a more beautiful place). She has the ambition to activate organizations to be wildly attractive to everyone and everything, preferably in a pleasantly simple way. In her stories, what is familiar gradually becomes strange. And what is strange becomes familiar. What others say about Jitske: “Jitske Kramer is one of the most inspiring speakers in the Netherlands. She provokes you into thinking deeply and speaking out. She gazes into the depths with flair and courage. Looking for surprising new insights and their practical applicability. Unifying and forceful.”

Presented by Jitske Kramer, Corporate Anthropologist, Human Dimensions

Closing Remarks
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